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Comedy & Magic Night with John Archer

Come down to Mintbridge for on the 8th June 2019 for a fun filled Comedy Night with John Archer .

Yes, John is a past winner of the ‘Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year’ and certainly one of the best comedy magicians in the UK today. As possibly the most famous magicians in Las Vegas Penn & Teller said, “He fooled us”. Don't take their word, his word, or indeed Derren Brown’s word for it; they all tell lies for a living.

So who is he? Well he's a comedian, magician, actor, singer, musician, writer, didgeridoist... and all round modest guy. Oh and a member of 'The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star'. That's about as high as you can go without inventing your own club and making something else up.

Show starts at 7:30pm

Tickets cost:

£10.00 per adult

£7.50 OAP

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